The Best Way to Deal with Receipts & Invoices

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The Best Way to Deal with Receipts & Invoices

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Keebo is my digital assistant — it has saved us a huge amount of processing time!

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Why Everybody Loves Keebo

Lower Costs

Keebo users are reporting up to 80% reductions in receipt & invoice processing costs. No matter how much you process, choosing one of our great value plans will save you money. A penny saved is a penny earned, so take advantage and keep more money in your bank account.

Save Time

Spend more time on actually achieving your business goals. With Keebo, you can concentrate on doing more of the important stuff that makes your business great. Receipt and invoice processing takes away from more productive work like looking after customers, so using Keebo is a no-brainer.

Go Paperless

Storing your records on the cloud is safer and cheaper. It gets rid of clutter and eliminates risk of deterioration and destruction. Going paperless with Keebo also helps you to stay organised and well prepared in case of tax inspections.

Keebo Receipt Manager Apps

Try out our handy mobile app for iOS and Android devices and send receipts & invoices to Keebo on the fly.


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Standards & Accreditations

Keebo is fully registered under the Data Protection Act. It is important to us that your data is fully protected so we make sure our policies comply.
Documents we scan are legally admissible to auditors and tax authorities including HMRC, IRS and ATO. Click here for HMRC’s guide: “Keeping Records for Business — What you need to know”.
Prompt Payer promotes businesses who wish to be acknowledged as honourable and trustworthy to deal with, and who believe in Integrity in Business.

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